Metallise July – The Best Releases of 2019 so far, I Exist soon won’t for awhile, plus plenty-plenty gig news

2019 is half way down so I took pause to see what has tickled my date this year for the harvest, and it seems I’ve pretty much reviewed most of the good stuff.

The Henry Fiat’s Open Sore record is probably still my favourite of the year so far, but I have really enjoyed the new Slomatics album Canyons in between everything I reviewed this issue.

Halfway through the year, and Henry Fiat’s Open Sore still takes the top spot in Josh Nixon’s black heart

Cerebral Rot are playing proper sloppy death metal the way I like it, and I’ve only heard a couple of tracks from the forthcoming Odious Descent Into Decay but I’m on board already.

Nepenthes from Japan and their 2017 album CONFUSION was recommended to me by some band mates who caught them live in Tokyo recently, and it’s some first rate fun sludge I would bestow a thumbs up to.

Elder put out The Gold & Silver Sessions which I really need to spend some more time with, but the first listen made me think of a delay pedal demonstration reel. Some further spins required for the time being. 

Baroness came back with Gold & Grey but it left me a bit cold. However, the fantastically named Clouds Taste Satanic album Evil Eye delivered a good instrumental doom time.

The return of Scott Reagers to Saint Vitus for their self-titled return has nearly broken my iTunes trying to deal with the original self titled.

For a time I was getting into Green Lung album Woodland Rites until a good friend of mine called them the Greta Van Fleet of doom. I haven’t been able to look at the album cover since. But there’s some great guitar work on there if that is your jam.

Onto touring news, and Melbourne progressive heavy rockers Circles are touring the country this winter, and Canberra lands a show on the 26th of July with Escape Syndrome and Ebonivory. Tickets through Oztix.

“Which skull?” / “Yes, Witchskull” / No, I’m asking you, which skull?” was a skit left on the cutting room floor from Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

The irrepressible Witchskull -fresh from a very successful tour of New Zealand, Sydney, and Melbourne supporting Beastwars on their IV album launch tour – have announced a local show on the 3rd August at Transit Bar with Sydney bands Sworn Sober and The Veil. The fellas have been working hard on the follow up to last year’s Coven’s Will and have been doing some demoing down in Melbourne in preparation for a summer-ish time frame to record their 3rd album. I’m sure you won’t need much encouragement to head along to that one!

Marcus Skull has his local debut on 30 August at the Transit Bar of his new band Hekate. Holy Serpent are coming to town as a part of a large upcoming series of shows and new album, and will be joined by glowering Sydney doom trio Potion & Hekate for the show. Absolute must see.

The USA’s Devildriver will be at The Basement on the 23rd of August with All That Remains. Been quite a few years in between drinks for an Aussie visit so be sure to get a ticket from Destroy All Lines for that one.

Sending out an all-the-best to Lachlan Watt of triple j’s The Racket who publicly announced his brain cancer battle. He has been dealing with issues since a seizure and a fall earlier in the year revealed a growth on his brain which was removed successfully. Now he is facing the chemo part and that fucking sucks. All the best.

Earth Rot are heading over from WA for a Friday, 13 September show at the Transit Bar with Claret Ash, Ploughshare and Wretch so blast into spring with that one.

I Exist drummer Simon Murphy is heading overseas for a couple of years to help spread his musical talent over the world just that bit more. There is the last show for the band for the foreseeable future on 14 September at the Transit Bar.

Bon voyage stix-meister Simon Murphy… I Exist play their last show for the foreseeable future this September

Batushka played an unforgettable show at Dark Mofo last year with Portal and Blasphemy. They’re coming to Canberra on the 1st of November thanks to Destroy All Lines. More deets closer to the date!

And finally, Fleshgod Apocalypse have announced a national tour for Oct/Nov with the Canberra date landing at The Basement on the 4th of November. Eventbrite is where to get them early bird tickets for the Roman symphonic death metal horde.

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