[Film Review] Mandy

Mandy - Still 1

Review by Andrew Myers

Based in a stylised, alternative reality described as “1984 AD” Mandy tells the story of two isolated lovers hounded by a cult leader, his loyal underlings and hired goons. Aaaand then Nicolas Cage forges his own battle axe.

Red Miller and the titular Mandy live a simple life of a mutual appreciation for classic heavy metal and astrology as the pair reside in their cabin until an obsessive cult seeks out the pure Mandy for their own devious acts. It is now up to Red to exact revenge and meet a few Tarantino-esque characters along the way.

This movie is a cinematic trip, bathed in saturated reds, purples and a constant grainy blanket. One scene is very reminiscent of Martin Sheen’s iconic drunken breakdown in Apocalypse Now.

If you haven’t heard of director Panos Cosmatos before, you aren’t alone. Under his belt he wrote and directed the science fiction horror Beyond the Black Rainbow in 2010. Mandy is scored by the late Icelandic composer Johan Johannsson (Sicario, Arrival) with a synth laden soundtrack that hums and draws you in like a disembodied howl in the night.

This movie is the underrated Nicolas Cage in his finest role, maybe even since his hay-day of movies like Leaving Las Vegas, Con Air or Face Off (no sarcasm intended).

This is not a film aimed to please your mother, but a movie for your cool uncle who still wears old Black Sabbath tour shirts.



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