Metallise October 2018

Chaos in the Capital strikes this Saturday night headlined by the band whom have not had a comeback but rather a resurgence, Superheist. The band chose Canberra to hit

Chaos in the Capital 

their first live show back in 13 years following the release of Ghosts of the Socialdead a couple of years back. This visit promises to be an even larger affair following a settling of the new lineup and having a good whack of touring under their belts from the last couple of years. The 15 band show features Osake Punch, Red Bee, Highview, Noveaux, Psionic Tide, Escape Syndrome, The Lifelike Project, Time On Earth, To An End, A Gentlemens Agreement, Chasing Nimbus, Halfwait, Taliesin and Blissphorus. It all kicks off in Canberra’s home of the heavy at 4pm on Saturday 13th of October so stay hydrated and stretch the neck for to avoide Sunday hangovers and bangovers.

To ease the hangover and have a hair of the dog, head to Kinghtsbridge Penthouse on Sunday afternoon 4-6pm (and free!) for the Doom Session featuring local new 2 piece doom outfit Lucifungus with Monoceros. Lucifungus recently recorded in Melbourne at Goatsound studios and you can check a sample here

Hankering for some classics? Maiden Oz are playing Number of the Beast in full, as well as a few other choice cuts October 20th at the Basement.

The Byron Bay world wide phenomena that is Parkway Drive kicks off their 7 date national Australian tour in Canberra at the UC Refectory on Thursday October 25th. The band is headlining a tour that brings along international touring heavyweights Killswitch Engage and Thy Art is Murder to round out the bill. Its the same venue I first saw them play in 2005 on an early slot at Metal for the Brain, what a journey they’ve been on to the Reverence album and the epic world tour to support it. Still some tickets left at Oztix.

Speaking of meteoric sucess stories, The Vee Bee’s are hitting the road starting October 26th in support of their new album Yeah Nah, Yeah Nah with CD’s available at the show and a vinyl release on the way too. The show is at the Phoenix and includes performances from Australian Beefweek and Pilots of Baalbek.

Friday November 2nd at the Transit Bar see’s the 3rd visit to Australia by Irish death grind psycho’s Abaddon Incarnate. The madness also includes 3 great nasty locals, the ever impressive Blight Worms, Wounded Pig and Blood Mouth.


As if the delights of Doomsday weren’t enough, the explosive double of England’s Conan and USA’s Bellwitch kick off their Australian tour in Canberra on November 7th with Mental Cavity at The Basement. Conan near bought the back room walls to rubble last time. I’m not sure that the room will maintain structural integrity, but god damn I’ll be there to find out. The new Conan album Existential Void Guardian is adding to a very deep pile of fantastic doom records released this year, give it a crack ahead of the show.

While on new albums, Thou album MagusPig Destroyer’s Head Cage and High On Fire’s Electric Messiah are kicking my ass at the moment.


Pre-sales for this killer bill featuring Witchskull, Potion and Blood Mouth are starting to get very low, all in aid of celebrating I Exist‘s 10th birthday. Don’t miss out!

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