Tom Lyngcoln Is Coming To Town

Tom Lyngcoln

Earlier this year my social media feed blew up with amusing photos of The Nation Blue front man Tom Lyngcoln’s new solo album being used as a prop head for people of all shapes, ages and sizes in all sorts of odd locations.

This of course led to checking out Lyngcoln’s new solo album Doming Home (relax Ed, not a typo in the title), based on a subject I have had many a night sweat on, shark dreams and Lyngcoln’s fascination with the oceans scariest predator.

There’s a couple other subjects covered, the impact of loss on a home after someone leaves on Out of Time and like the album closer Caught Between Stations, which references the supremely cool way Lyngcoln recorded this 11 track work. That is, coming home at lunch on breaks leaving time for a first take with a Fender Jaguar, his voice and not much else.

In the main though it’s about sharks and dreams of them. Terror, Lateral Line, Doming Home, Chumming the Cage and Terror Visions all based around Lyngcoln’s experiences both real, Tom and family observing whites breaching after seal decoys in South Africa and cage diving; and imagined. Murky green water and huge shapes moving around in that space (queue author breaking into a sweat!).

Tom is bringing the album out on the road on an extensive Australian tour following a bunch of successful shows in Melbourne and Canberra gets our turn to experience his nautical nightmare at the Drill Hall Gallery on Saturday April 28th. Tom will appear with Jamie Hutchings and Shoeb Ahmad.

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