Punk & Disorderly – June / July 2017

Hi there, Canberra.

So this is my jam now. I am your new go-to punk fixer. I hope that you will trust me to guide you to the best gigs and bands that Canberra’s punk community has to offer. It actually has quite the smorgasbord for you. I hope this is not news to you. Please tell me you are already well aware of how fucking fantastic the scene is here.

As well as all the no-brainer, go-to gigs at Phoenix and Transit Bar that are organised by CMC, 2XX and all those peeps, I want you to get in on all that Mulgara and Stand Your Grounds has to offer, because these guys know their shit.

I recently went to one of the most kickass house shows organised by Mulgara. Headlining were Subsumer, a punk band all the way from Seattle (this is already cool as hell, right?). Supporting were Hallucinatoriam, Naif, and Warm Death. Super casual get-together, huge bowl of booze with plastic cups on the side greeting you as you come in, and I was proud as punch to know that this line-up was 50% bands with trans members. (This is where I’d like to rant about the ANU Finale line-up and how fucked that all was, but I’ll restrain myself).

Stand You Grounds brought us an impressive international act as well. Rotten Mind, a Swedish punk band, played with local acts Agency, Yoko Oh No and Sleeping Døgs at LoBrow Bar & Gallery. It was a wonderful night to revel in the universal language of punk, and I highly recommend checking out all the locals that supported (especially Yoko Oh No, you guys kick so much ass).

I also want to shout out to these underage punk bands that keep filling up Phoenix and  Transit. I’m speaking, of course, of both Marlon Bando and Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers. Particularly you, Marlon Bando. I was in awe of you when I first saw you play at Transit earlier this year and that you literally played until you bled. You guys are amazing and I bow before you in Wayne’s World fashion. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! *Weeps into new Disparo! shirt*

Also, Earache, how have I only discovered you this month? These guys played their beautiful, post-punk, ‘80s vibe set for myself and a packed Phoenix with Thunderbolt and New Age Group, and me and my gigging buddies were totally enraptured. Through this print, I blow you kisses.

To end my first column, I would like to say a brief, public goodbye to Cinnamon Records. You were a wonderful part of the Canberra music scene and we thank you for your influence over the past five years.

Punk Gig Guide:

Wed Jun 7 – Carb on Carb @ The Phoenix

Thu Jun 8 – Carb on Carb @ Macleay Farm

Thu Jun 8 – Autumn, Panic Burst, Kid Presentable, Lefty @ The Front

Fri Jun 9 – Ploughshare, Monoceros, Yoko Oh No, A.B.X Orbitt @ The Basement

Sat Jun 10 – PUNK ‘N’ ROCK @ The Basement

Mon Jun 12 – Skinpin, Sketch Method, Needledick, Fight Milk @ The Crossroads

Sat Jun 17 – Mulgara Presents: Act For Peace Ration Challenge Fundraiser @ Dave’s Place

Mon Jun 19 – Bootlegs feat. Slagatha Christie, Dalmacia, Semen & Garfuckel, Boots Byers @ The Phoenix

Thu Jun 22 – Mere Women (Album Launch) w/ Wives & Little Lunch @ Transit Bar

Sat Jul 8 – Cable Ties w/ Moaning Lisa @ The Phoenix



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