Relax, It’s Just Burlesque! @ Canberra Irish Club, Saturday June 3

Photo by Douglas Robinson.

Presented by Minty and Delicious, this sold-out show had 130 attendees seated comfortably in the club’s main room. Poppie Button opened the show singing ‘Tits and Ass’ from A Chorus Line. She returned later on to sing ‘When You’re Good To Mama’ from Chicago. Lilly Le Tigre was a standout, performing a stunning pheasant feather fan dance to a long, slow blues song. Stripping from a gorgeous sheer gown she was pouty and sultry and performed long back arches and long feather strokes – it was graceful and really sexy. The crowd roared their applause.

Artemis Seven slayed on stage in a pink satin ensemble with a suit jacket at the top. Stripping down to vintage showgirl with long marabou feathers in a gorgeous strut and pose routine, she then morphed into her regular twerking and popping style that she is becoming famous for. The way she commands every inch of the stage is amazing.

Jacquline Hyde is an ex-Canberra drag queen. She returned for two performances; her first mime performance was flamenco style in a long black and red bustle dress and her second performance was a Stepford Wives routine. In a floral dress, she jived to a mash of club songs then morphed into an orgasm robot sequence and vacuumed the stage to Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ and Brittany’s ‘Work Bitch’. It was hilarious, camp, fierce and absolutely on point. The crowd danced and cheered all through it.

In her solo debut, Ruby July performed a long, slow striptease in a red baby doll slip wearing long black gloves and a black feather boa. Her beautiful facial gestures and eyes commanded constant attention and it was really sexy, she connected really well with the crowd.

Other performances on the night included the beginners burlesque group the Junior Mints performing a cute step and grind routine where they stripped and used large chains as boas to Aretha Franklin’s ‘Chain of Fools’. While they were out of time, they presented a great first-time performance. They returned later on to perform in black satin robes and long red gloves with lots of shimmies and grinds. With red heart pasties revealed at the end, it was very sweet.

Deb Delicious performed her well known drunkard routine that had been revamped with new costuming. Possum Galore performed her hilarious cockroach routine and again the crowd roared all the way through in hysterical laughter. Kinky Paradigm danced to Rick James’ ‘Superfreak’, Viridian Mint performed a classical feather boa strip, Darling Vivacious performed her first ever solo to ‘Candyman’ in a pinup chorus line style. Crème de la Crop performed her clown routine, and then Viridian Mint returned to close the show with her Kermit the Frog routine where she sung ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’.

The crowd was entertained and I enjoyed seeing some of the old performances in a stage setting. Thanks Minty and Delicious for presenting a great variety show.

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