Polish Club, Maddy Jane, Moaning Lisa @ Transit Bar, Thursday June 1

Photo by Dave McCarthy.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover Moaning Lisa were supporting tonight. They were a nice lead up to our next two acts with their mix of melody and rock. I last saw Maddy Jane when she played a drizzly night at Enlighten last year. There weren’t too many people there that time, so it was great to watch her perform to a sold-out Transit, and most people appeared engaged and interested. Her latest single ‘No Other Way’ proves she is only getting better with each song, and between that, ‘People’ and ‘Drown It Out’, she already has quite a few known rockers for people to get into.

Finally, we get Polish Club back in town; it’s been way too long! With this being their first time as headliners, they did appear to have a bit more confidence or presence on stage. Their sound is damn tight, but it’s the mix of this solid musicianship combined with a certain reckless abandon where you feel they could also fall out of sync any minute that makes their live show so exciting. Their jam mid-set highlighted this and had a bit of a Kings of Leon vibe about it. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t seem to want to match this reckless energy in the form of dance, but there was still plenty of enjoyment. They provided some fun banter over the night with comments to us locals about Laurie Daley, Peking Duk and confusing our late-night shopping day with NSW. With their debut album out now, there was a steady flow of ‘hits’ throughout the set but it was still great to get the oldies like ‘Able’. ‘Beeping’ and ‘Come Party’ were other obvious highlights.


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