Pierce Brothers, Reuben Stone, Jack Biilmann @ Academy, Thursday May 25

Jack Biilmann was the local support tonight and represented our awesome local scene well. He showcased his exceptional skills, tapping and beating his guitar before telling us this would be his last show before going back to “full band mode” (giving us more to look forward to).

Kiwi Reuben Stone suffered a little from Kanye West Spectrum Disorder (I’m sure his ego can handle that comment). His reggae, roots-inspired looping and trombone skills were overshadowed by his egotistical banter in between songs (including ridiculing his sound guy mid-set). This only enhanced how genuine the Pierce Brothers are once they graced their stage with that booming energy, huge smiles and immediate expression of gratitude.

Pat Pierce immediately bounced around hitting his brothers’ guitar ferociously with his sticks during opener ‘It’s My Fault’. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious and the crowd were immediately bouncing in delight. “Fuck the fold back, how are you?” screamed Pat mid-song, once again indicating their delight to have us all there. They had done their research on the venue proclaiming “we have to get through this set before everyone turns up to take pingers,” (and I have to admit it is awesome to have a venue with awesome acoustics and early finishing times for mid-week gigs). Their new songs ‘The Records Were Ours’ (with a middle-fingers-in-the-air crowd waltz-along) and ‘Take Me Out’ proved that the songwriting skills of the duo are getting better, paving the way for a very big future. As they pulled out the didge and belted their drums for an epic closing, everyone in the room realised we had been part of something that will be talked about for years to come. I think this feeling will only increase with each show, so don’t miss them next time.


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