Voyager, The Algorithm, Immorium, High View @ The Basement, Saturday May 20

Usually if someone asked me to come out and watch people scream loudly I would politely decline, however I made an exception for Voyager and their Ghost Mile album tour.

First to kick off the night was High View, featuring members from Escape Syndrome, followed by Immorium. Throughout the night I realized that no one was on their phones, it was all about the music … like it should be. And even if there was a decent turn out, it wasn’t too full, as there is nothing worse than a venue full of sweaty people, am I right, ladies?

Then The Algorithm hit the stage, who were the perfect lead up to Voyager, and they are from France, might I add. They had a different sound which I really liked, a friendly mixture between dubstep and metal.

Now to Voyager, the reason why we all left our warm homes on this freezing cold night. They played catchy tunes from their new album Ghost Mile. I didn’t know it was possible to mix pop with modern progressive heaviness until I heard them play. The first thing I thought was that this album reminded me of a much heavier Muse. The lead singer’s voice could reach notes only any singer could wish for … explains why the crowd loved them.

Overall it was a team effort that made everyone have a blast and rock out that night.

So if there is something you should get this year, please get Voyager’s album – Ghost Mile.

It is out now and it’s a refreshing change that will make you bang your heads, but also something easy that your grandmother could even listen to…


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