You Made My Day

  |   Date Published: Wednesday, 12 October 16   |   Author: Some Happy Person   |   8 months, 2 weeks ago

Entry #1: To the dear old grass parrot stretching his legs crossing the road this afternoon: you worried me when you reached the gutter, because I thought you might just stick around on the bitumen, but your valiant effort in climbing the gutter paid off, and I knew you’d be safe till next time you decided to cross my street. It was a touching moment; thank you. You made my day!

Entry #2: Cars that run on nothing and emit nothing; the SolarCity electricity network; a battery able to keep a house running through two nights and a cold day; and public transportation on air cushions. And that’s to say nothing of autonomous cars and rocketry, or of your more ambitious goals: the Mars Colonial Transporter, the Mars oasis, and safe general artificial intelligence. And, unusually and fortuitously, you have the vision and the humility to do it right. Elon Musk, I salute you. You made my day.


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