Freyja’s Rain

Column: TidBits   |   Date Published: Tuesday, 11 September 12   |   Author: Ashley Thomson   |   4 years, 8 months ago

WHAT: Album Launch
WHEN: Fri Sep 21
WHERE: The Front Gallery & Café

Gotta love a band named after the Nordic goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, death and wealth (but not irony, strangely...). If that’s not enough, she loves music, spring and flowers and rides on a carriage drawn by cats. She’s got my vote. As does Freyja’s Rain, who will be launching their fittingly entitled Outrageous EP this month, which combines contemporary folk, pop, blues, gospel and rock with soulful singing. Outrageous indeed – and totally appealing. The launch coincides with the International Day of Peace. As this cause is close to the hearts of the grooving goddesses, you are encouraged to ‘dress in your best peace-loving hippy clothes’. Minimal effort all round then. Awesome. Supported by AMAX and Xav Ier. 7pm. $10 w/EP.

No Hausfrau:

WHAT: EP Fundraiser Show
WHEN: Sat Sep15
WHERE: The Front Gallery and Café

Hurrah! No Hausfrau have whisked together an EP and are on the fundraising train to get it pressed. Experience their uplifting folk while bringing their widespread and eager supporters one step closer to owning their very own hardcopy of the stuff. I say ‘stuff’ for lack of a description that would do justice to their lovably energy-filled eclectic sound. I’ll leave it to frontwoman, Alice Cottee: ‘If you must have a mental comparison, we might suggest My Brightest Diamond & Susanne Vega meets Johnny Cash while eating sushi off Tia Carrere.’ Perfect. 7:30pm. Plastic money donation. Come and get excited for their EP launch at the White Eagle Polish Club on Fri Oct 19.

Fritz Kalkbrenner:

WHAT: Techno Luminary
WHEN: Fri Sep 14
WHERE: Trinity Bar

I can almost hear the communal heartbeat of the local electronic music community reaching a frenetic bpm at the arrival of this prodigal soulboy. While his brother, Paul, is considered a techno luminary, his little bro is a creative genius in his own right. Fritz is one of few electronic artists whose talent is not limited to producing, nor his scope definable by a single genre. Fritz’s own voice is as finely-honed as his production skills, featuring on a number of tracks on his 2010 debut album, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, while his upcoming mix-tape proves once again that hip hop, soul and house are not opposites, but ‘all planets in the same galaxy’. 8pm-4am. Free before 10pm.

Rhythm Confidential Launch:

WHO: Local DJ Collective
WHEN: Fri Sep 14

So the long solace of winter left you unenthused, content with a movie and blanket as your Friday night release, while cold winds swept through empty Canberra streets in the prime party hours – no one in sight. Well, it’s time to shake off the winter layers, folks, ‘cos spring has finally landed. The best part is that while most of us were tucked safely between doona and couch, a new night of pumping house music from Canberra’s finest DJs, good vibes and student-friendly drink specials was in the making. Rhythm Confidential is now set to launch into action for a first taste of the summer to come. 9pm-2am. Free.

Amber Nichols:

WHAT: EP Launch
WHEN: Sat Sep 22
WHERE: The Abbey

After years of performing and touring internationally in bands, independent singer-songwriter Amber Nichols is stepping out solo. Her debut release showcases her trademark angelic voice, which simultaneously embodies an unassuming strength and power. Her luminous vocals combined with her delicate melodies are both uniquely haunting and soulfully uplifting. With influences ranging from Lamb to Etta James, her emotive tone and genuine love for creating beautiful music are just a few reasons why Amber is currently being touted as one of Australia’s great new rising talents. Any of that mean shit to you? No? Me either. Regardless, let her saccharine sound mellow your soul at the launch of Oh My Lullaby. Doors at 6:30pm, main act at 9pm. $20 door. See

The Stillsons:

WHAT: Album Tour
WHEN: Wed Sep 26
WHERE: The Front Gallery and Café

Melbourne band The Stillsons, a band whose name is definitely not taken from the idea of cot death, are making their way up the East Coast for a third time this year, to record their third album in Brisbane. Many in the industry have questioned the band’s decision not to record in their home town. A similar number have been told to think of more important questions. Regardless, the band’s answer is simple: ‘No distractions,’ which, purely coincidentally, is the name of their new album! The Stillsons have been touring their special blend of folk, blues and country nationwide for the past eighteen months, winning over new audiences and picking up many accolades along the way – herpes among them but certainly not the most the prestigious. Get along and pick up the rest! 7:30pm. $10 door.


WHAT: East Coast Tour
WHEN: Mon Sep 17
WHERE: The Phoenix Bar

Having already headlined some of Hobart’s eminent live venues (as well as living rooms, alleyways, backyards and rooftops) and supported the likes of Dick Diver, Pop Singles and The UV Race, Naked are set to bring their shambolic show to the mainland masses. They’ve hand-picked the best chunks from their digital albums and recently released Recorded At Sam’s Place for their live set. With a propensity for onstage arguing, sweet pop harmonies, actual nudity and debacles of various other kinds, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t catch Naked live and uncensored. Supported by Sex Noises, E A V E S and Kid Of Harith. 8pm. Free.

Hannah Crofts & Georgia Mooney:

WHAT: Co-headlining Tour
WHEN: Mon Sep 17
WHERE: The Front Gallery and Café

Two singer-songwriters, Melbourne's Hannah Crofts and Sydney's Georgia Mooney, join together and take to the road this September for a co-headline tour that will delight lovers of thoughtful storytelling and delicate folk songs. Between them they've supported and collaborated with artists such as Matt Corby, Passenger, Gossling, The Rescue Ships, Tinpan Orange and Katie Noonan. Just in time for road-trip weather, Georgia and Hannah will be strumming their stories as one. 7:30pm. $10 door.


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