Thankyou City Team Up With Dept of Late Nights For Subsonic Music Festival Launch

Column: Features   |   Date Published: Sunday, 14 May 17   |   Author: Peter O'Rourke   |   2 weeks, 2 days ago

     "Everything you’ll hear came out of our brains. We’re pretty proud of that."

It’s always good to meet a like-minded soul when you’re discussing music. Like many DJs and producers, Brent Mirams of THANKYOU CITY first began making beats with the tools he had – in this case a copy of Music 2000, a game on the original PlayStation.

“Yep, I wrote some sick tracks on that actually, I wish I still had them; lots of hard energy rave music,” Mirams says. “I used to hire it from Blockbuster every week, until my Dad was tired of hiring it and bought me a copy!”

Brent Mirams, and his older brother Scott, began to make music together as they got involved in the outdoor rave and underground festival scene in Victoria. While they now make techno and progressive house, Brent Mirams says those early days really influenced their sound with psychedelic trance and progressive elements still impacting on the modern Thankyou City sound.

“We really like progressive music because it tells a story,” Mirams tells me. “I love a track that actually evolves and changes throughout, which is what I loved about trance back in the day – it wasn’t just the same loop over and over.”

Mirams says he and his brother wrote a heap of new music last year, which they’ll be showcasing at the Subsonic Music Festival Launch Party in Canberra in the coming weeks with their live set up.

The producer says that he tried to do the music thing full-time for a while, but actually found that having some part-time work in something completely different meant that he produced better music, and more often.

“I was thinking about making tracks that would sell, and tracks that people would like, and get more gigs and more money … and that was stressful, that wasn’t enjoyable at all. It’s cool to have freedom to relax a bit and enjoy it more for its fun,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what the outcome is.”

While Mirams has been considering other aliases for some of the different styles he writes, he says Thankyou City is definitely his focus. In the last few months the duo did a remix of Canberra artist Doppel’s track ‘Melt’, receiving high praise in the underground music scene.

“He’s a legend,” Mirams says of the Canberra producer. “He’s so talented, and such a gentleman. Working on ‘Melt’ was so much fun because the parts that he gave us were so good. That was actually a really heavy time for us as our grandpa passed away, so it was a good escape to take our mind off it – so it’s quite a sentimental mix for us.”

So what can we expect in Canberra for the launch party?

“We’ve got so much stuff; we could go for seven hours if we wanted to. Lots of it will be quite pumping – we got inspired last year to write some proper big, banging techno. What we’re doing is showcasing stuff that we made. Everything you’ll hear came out of our brains. We’re pretty proud of that.”

Thankyou City will appear at Kyte with Lotown and the Dept of Late Nights for the Canberra leg of the Subsonic Music Festival Launch Party on Friday June 2 from 9pm. $10 on the door, $20 after 10pm.



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