Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Making It Sans Faking It

Column: Features   |   Date Published: Sunday, 14 May 17   |   Author: Sharona Lin   |   2 weeks, 2 days ago

     "If you’re a band and you make it ten years without dying and you’re still together, that’s a success."

If you were in high school in the mid noughties, you probably remember the singles ‘Face Down’ or ‘False Pretense’, from the RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS’ debut major label release Don’t You Fake It.

The post-hardcore, emo rock album turned ten last year and, with impeccable timing, also went platinum the same year. To celebrate, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are making the trip out to Australia to perform the entire album, in full. They will be joined by Brisbane’s Young Lions in each city.

So what does frontman Ronnie Winter think the legacy of Don’t You Fake It is, a decade on? “I have no idea what legacy it has,” he admits. “But I assume it’s a good one – I haven’t died and we’re still making music.”

The lead vocalist and keyboardist is clearly not one to talk himself up, or mince words. When asked about how the band has changed, a decade on from their debut, Winter is blunt. “The general consensus is that if you’re a band and you make it ten years without dying and you’re still together, that’s a success.”

The band has done a lot more than just not die, of course – they’ve worked hard in the last decade to release three albums between Don’t You Fake It and the present. That hard work has paid off, and their tenth anniversary tour is being eagerly anticipated by Australians, with a second show added in Melbourne after the first sold out.

Naturally, Winter is excited to come back to Australia. The main focus is the music, but he’s got some ideas in mind for when the band is off duty. What is he most excited for? “The koala sanctuary,” he says, almost immediately. “It’s fun every time we go. My wife likes kangaroos, so we tend to hit a lot of zoos. We really enjoy all the natural aspects, and the things that you wouldn’t get where we’re from.”

But getting back to the music: the band will play the album from start to finish at each of the gigs. But what about other tracks from their other albums? “If it’s sold out and the crowd is singing along, we might play an extra song. I can’t promise anything.”

And looking to the future, the band isn’t skipping a beat. The five-piece are hard at work on their new album, The Awakening. “You fall into a bit of a rhythm after ten years,” Winter says, in regard to how they go about writing, rehearsing and recording a new album. “We’ve been in that rhythm for a long time now.” The new album is under wraps, but Winter does give me one detail. “The first single is pretty much done, and it’s heavy,” Winter says. “Not in a metal way, but in an honest way.”

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus hit The Basement on Thursday May 11 from 7:30pm. Tickets $44.90 through Oztix.



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