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With numerous albums already under their belt and showing no signs of stopping, the young six-piece band THE OCEAN PARTY are planning to serenade Canberrans with their sun-kissed tunes this October. Their latest album Light Weight is their fifth in the last three years, and is due to be released Friday October 9.


“It’s not always easy to make records and tour when you have a small income and a part-time job to work around, but I’m not sure we could stop making records at the rate we do at the moment,” says Lachlan Denton, guitarist and vocalist in the band. “I don’t know what anyone would put their energy into.”

Interestingly, Light Weight is The Ocean Party’s first professionally recorded album, and it was produced by John Lee (Lost Animal, Love of Diagrams).           

Denton notes of the process, “It meant we had to prepare a lot more before we started recording. We don’t have big budgets for records, so when you are in a studio and it’s costing you by the day, you don’t want to screw around too much. John was very understanding of this and he made the process run smoothly.”

With various different voices and inputs flowing into the songwriting from the six band members, you would think the process would get messy from time to time. But nah, the guys have it covered. “We see ourselves as being more like a band of producers, so it’s all about talking to each other about the song,” he says. “There is a certain amount of respect you need to have for the vision of the person who brought the original song idea, but I think we have a good, open platform and it always feels like we all play a very even role on a record.”

The Ocean Party’s unique and distinctive sound stems from a number of different influences. Each new album is a progression from the previous record, with a new feeling and tune to it.

“It sometimes seems like every record is influenced by the music we listened to on the previous album tour – the only thing I can remember listening to on the last tour was New Order, so that might trickle through.

“At the end of the day, I think everyone in the band takes musical influence from very different places, but I do think that we are good at following each other’s lead with a vibe. We all grew up together and have played music together since high school, so I think that has dictated our sound.”

So what’s next for The Ocean Party? A tour of Europe? Maybe even another record?

“We did the US last year and the plan is to try and do the US, UK, and Europe in 2016. We have already started recording the next record, so as well as playing a few shows, we’ll be hoping to finish off another record.”

Luckily for us, the guys show no signs of slowing down.

The Ocean Party will launch their album Light Weight at The Phoenix on Thursday October 8 with support from Wives and Cool Sounds. 


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