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Column: Features   |   Date Published: Monday, 7 April 14   |   Author: Tatjana Clancy   |   2 weeks, 3 days ago


Something fresh or a hidden gem

Posse – ‘Shutup’. So here’s how I think it went down. When Thurston Moore was kicked out by Kim Gordon for his philandering he went to what he thought was a halfway house for indie rock gods that have lost their way. Unbeknownst to him he had accidentally enrolled in an intensive feedback addiction rehab program and this song was his end of session project to prove he could still write a great song in reverb’s absence. That this story is bogus, that it’s not recorded by Sonic Youth and that I’m bending my own rules by highlighting a single I repeatedly play bears no relevance here.

Classic albums that you go back to over and over

Because some muppet *cough cough* thought it best to limit the classics to two choices I will forevermore question my answers. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Live Seeds is the best aural representation of a cracking 90’s Nick gig, with not a dodgy Kylie ballad in sight. The best renditions of all the greats exist here, from the growling brilliance of ‘Mercy Seat’ to the caterwauling perfection of ‘From Her to Eternity’. I particularly like that bloke screaming ‘Tupelo’ when he recognises the thunderous first bars. I am usually that crazed fan.

Wu Lyf – Go Tell Fire to the Mountain. The 'one album indie Wunderkinds' of 2011 lived up to the hype for me, and I play this at least once a week. The tribal goodness of ‘Dirt’, the fading beauty of ‘Heavy Pop’... it’s undeniably pretentious but utterly glorious. Extra points if you can sing along properly with singer Ellery James Roberts; even the liner notes won’t help you. See their new projects Los Porcus and Ellery's single release Kerou’s Lament if you’re as desperate for new material as I am.

The Guilty Pleasure

I found my copy of the Top Gun Soundtrack on top of the strewn record casualty pile when cleaning up after a party recently. I instantly recalled the flailing limbs of friends outdancing each other whilst screaming 'highway to the danger zone' at the top of their lungs. Did you know there is a sequel in the works? Google Quentin Tarantino vs Top Gun for another reason to love it.

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