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Column: Features   |   Date Published: Tuesday, 29 September 09   |   Author: Monique Suna   |   7 years, 8 months ago

     Catherine the Amazing

Riddled with conjunctivitis and obviously still suffering somewhat from the crippling shyness that inflicted her as a child, Sydney singer songwriter CATHERINE TRAICOS takes the time out of her busy morning to converse with this budding journalist about love, lyrics and the October launch of her new album The Amazing.

Having two relatively awkward people trying to conduct an interview with each other can be an excruciating experience. However, after a few stilted starts and squirm-worthy silences, we both found that our shared anxiety was indeed creating common ground. "I'm a lot less shy than I used to be. I would get really bad stage fright and I forced myself into a thicker skin," reveals Traicos.

The Amazing definitely is an accurate way of describing Catherine Traicos, who didn't pick up a guitar until she was 20, ten years ago. "I knew how to play the piano, but no one else in my family was musical. I would wear headphones as not to disturb my parents. I didn't think I was worthy musically, but I couldn't not try," Traicos sighs as she looks back upon those uncomfortable early days. "My first songs were all about relationships. I settled on music because it was accessible and I wanted to express myself. My inspiration found me. I was in a destructive relationship, [but] Radiohead opened my eyes up to inner beauty. There is a lot of beauty in the world and I really appreciate it when people draw you to that beauty," she proclaims. "All my songs are inevitably about me, my experiences and emotions I have felt. Love drives people."

Far from being unworthy, Traicos has touched many a person with her own sweet and unique sound. "Your songs get caught in my head" and "Gone is my new theme song" (Gone being the star song of her debut) are just two of the many positive responses she has received from listeners. "It's nice when people respond to things," she laughs.

When asked to describe how The Amazing differs from the '08 release of Gone Traicos is silent for quite some time before answering. "I'm much more comfortable in the studio than last time; these songs were all written coherently relating to the same theme. Before, I was trying to be someone else. Now there's Nick and he's amazing."

Traicos refers to producer/engineer Nick Huggins who largely helped in the development of The Amazing through his connection to the Pocket Full of Stones studio in Richmond. Traicos also mentions how the two of them met. "I knew Nick's brother in Perth and a friend told me to go and watch Nick perform. I was, wow..." she trails off.

In her effort to promote The Amazing, Catherine Traicos will be landing in Canberra for the very first time. She will be playing at The Front on Saturday October 3. Support this glorious woman, she may become addictive.


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